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Is it just me, or is it the case that more people every day seem to think it is acceptable to drive continually above the speed limit , no matter what the road conditions or location?

I live in a small village a few miles outside of a city, to get to the city I have to drive through 20,30,40,60,40,50 & 30mph

zones, including residential, open country, & dual carriageway roads. I am increasingly  finding that other drivers seem to have scant regard for the speed limits. Some drivers will even overtake me on a 20/30mph residential road when I'm driving at the speed limit! is there really any excuse for this behaviour?

I've also noticed an increasing amount of female drivers displaying this worrying trait, don't get me wrong I'm not sexist but it does seem to be happening much more than it used to.

I've also been overtaken, on both single & dual carraigeway roads, by drivers who then suddenly spot speed cameras, slam on the brakes, slew about, causing me to brake sharply or take evasive action to avoid a collision. Of course they then speed up again & leave you standing in a haze of petrol/diesel fumes as they just belt back up over the speed limit, no sorries no nothing!

 Some of the excuses given in court at speeding trials are just laughable:-

"My speed camera detector didn't alert me"

"This car is far more powerful than I'm used to, I had no idea I was doing 105mph"

 " I got carried away with the music playing on the radio"

Yeah well, sorry people, but when you are driving you are supposed to be concentrating on driving and nothing else

What do you folks out there think? Id love to get your opinions on this subject .

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